Friday, 14 October 2011

Everything changes but you...

First of all, this is my 59th post!! WOW! :) ...So anyway just recently i have not been very happy at all. I have been feeling quite insecure and, well i just don't know, like horrible! Ive decided that the way i am at the moment has to change so that hopefully it will change how i feel.

First off i am proposing to start healthy eating again as of the Monday coming. This is something i always struggle with because I've had an eating problem since i was little, and now alls i tend to eat is chicken, or chips, or toast etc... so its quite tough for me to become healthy when i don't like many foods! I don't feel fat fat, so its not as if I'm saying I'm going to diet, i am simply going to start healthy eating to just loose a few pounds to make me feel like i am achieving something.
I suppose to go with this will be exercise, yep that one dreaded thing that we all hate (well some of us!) I really want to start running or jogging, but i daren't do it alone as i fear i will look a bit sad, even though lots of people do it.. its just i have a fear of judgement. Im going to come up with an exercise plan so that i exercise at least 3 days a week, as also my job means walking around quite a lot... With exercise and healthy eating i should be on a nice little track there, a balanced lifestyle!
My next mission is my teeth! I drink quite a lot of tea, therefore its hard to have the 'perfect smile' with white teeth. Ive been trying a lot of different toothpaste's just recently, but to be honest i don't think any of them work! If any of you know a good one then please let me know as i really want nice white teeth. Also sometimes due to working late and being tired, or just forgetting... i sometimes can't manage the whole 'brush your teeth twice a day' routine, but i am pledging to get back onto this, and i have done so for the past 5 days!
Onto my hair, as you will of noticed from my last blog post on the velcro rollers, i am on a journey to change my hair! I have had a really good cut today, about 4 inches cut off. My hair has been ruined from dying it a lot so I've calmed down on the hair dye. Also i had a lot of short snappy layers cut into it, which i now regret as i want my hair to be one length, so having a big cut this morning means that most of these layers are now gone! I don't really like short hair on me as i think it makes my face look fat but for now until it grows i will just put it up... which is another reason why i had a lot cut off it; to help it grow again as i would love love love for it to be long! I will maybe blog my new hair cut in a couple of days once I'm a bit more comfortable with it :)
I also need to start saving money, as i fear i spend more than i actually earn, which is never a good thing, especially when you've just finished university and are still only in a part time job as its so hard now to find decent jobs!

Anyway this is what i aim to do, I'm going to write up some proper food and exercise plans... Im not too sure when as Monday & Tuesday are quite bad days for me the up coming week...
Also if any of you have any tips or suggestions with toning your body, especially your sides!! Then please please let me know, and i could do with all the encouragement i can get :)

Lots of love xxxx

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