Thursday, 6 October 2011

More love for Barry M

I was in Superdrug the other day, and as always i decided to check out the Barry M counter. I noticed that they had a '3 for £9.99' deal on all of the eye products, which included eyeshadow duo sets, eye dust, mascara, eyeliner, etc. How could i not take up this fab offer! Of course i did :) Heres what i got...

These eyeshadow duos are amazing! They do them in different shades but i chose this one because i thought the colours are nice and sparkly for christmas! It is called 'Smoky Seduction'. The colour on the left is like a really light silver, and in the middle is a darky grey colour, and on the right end is more of a deep grey almost blackish type colour. These are £5.99 each.
(I apologise for the crappy pictures, i was using my digital camera but my battery went so i had to use my phones camera!)

This mascara is fab! Its 'Intense black mascara 3in1'. It 'Volumises-Lengthens-Curls'... The brush is quite thick but small enough to reach all those stubborn eyelashes! The colour is quite a dark black too, retailing at £6.19

Next i was looking at eyeliners, and i thought why not try this new one out as I'm so used to the paint brush types...

I was actually quite amazed at this little number! Its called 'Wink' and is simply 'black marker pen for eyes'... its as simple as that! I pulled the lid off and it is just like a felt tip pen! It is so so easy to use rather than the other style eye liner, and it actually stays on longer and it doesn't flake off once its been on a few hours and has gone dry! Retails at £4.59

So there we have it, the '3 for £9.99'... such a good deal! I also decided to get some new lipsticks as mine have almost run out so heres what i chose...

From left to right the colours are:
146 Dolly Pink
113 Sheer Pink
101 Marshmellow

These are 3 of my fav's from all of the lipsticks available, £4.49 each :)

So there we have it, my little Barry M haul!

Have you tried these products? What are your fav's? xxxxxxxxxx

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