Thursday, 6 October 2011

Winter Wants!

So I've been sat doing some online shopping, or should i say browsing...
There are so many pretty items of clothing out at the moment ready for the cold months. Here are a few of my "Winter Wants'...

<<< This whole outfit is gorge!! The main item is obviously the chunky knit cardy, £25.00 ... Boohoo x

>>>> This jumper is so so cute and such a fashion must have!! £18.00 ... Boohoo x

^^^This is so so beautiful and I'm so tempted to buy it right now!! Kimono's are the latest fashion at the      minute and this is just too cute!! £18.00 ... Boohoo x

Sometimes i wonder why most people complain about winter, but the fashion that you can buy, and at affordable prices is so beautiful each season. Wrapping up to be warm has never looked so good!

Whats on your winter wish list? xxxxxxxxx

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