Saturday, 8 October 2011

Whats in my bag?!

Right lovely's this is my first 'whats in my bag' post! I'm quite excited to do this as i've been meaning to do it for ages now and only just got chance while I'm ahead with scheduling posts :)
First off we will get started with which bag i am using at the moment! I change my bags pretty much on a daily basis, but sometimes i forget and then its too late!
This is my bag that i am currently using ....

This beauty of a bag is obviously Pauls Boutique! I brought this from the beautiful Olivia as she was selling it so i grabbed the chance while i could as i have always wanted one! Its such a pretty pink colour and i love it!
Inside we haveeee.....

As you can see the lining inside is just fab! Its like a silky material and the print is leopard print! It makes me smile every time i look at it! I do tend to carry quite a lot of junk in my handbags, but on this occasion id say its pretty tidy with just the basics!

So this is what i have in my handbag...

Yes, this small bag can fit all this stuff in! Heres a close up picture...

As i mentioned before, all the stuff i carry in my handbag is pretty basic... Heres a list of what i currently have hiding away inside :)

  1. The main thing in my handbag is obviously my purse! It is just a black purse, quite a big one, and it was from River Island for about £16.99... I love their purses!
  2. Secondly my makeup bag; is there any girls that don't carry makeup around with them? Im not going to write about whats in my makeup bag as i can do that for another post :) (can't remember where it is from sorry!)
  3. A basic necessity is tissues, and yes as i do love zebras i have zebra tissues! I got these from Topshop for like £1, really cute!
  4. Pocket sized mirror! I loved this mirror, its from Primark and i got it in the sale for £1, its just so pretty, and a basic must have!
  5. Next we have my glasses! Im supposed to wear glasses for reading, writing and driving as i suffer from migraines, but i don't wear them as much as i should! I can't remember where i had the leopard print case from, but my glasses are from Tesco options, and as you can see are black and pink like most of the things i own!
  6. Hand Sanitizer, PINK hand sanitizer! This is fab and a must have! I work in retail so my hands get quite mucky after recovery and touching metal holders so this is defo the way forward and it smells so nice! I had this from Next for £1.75
  7. Body sprays! These two body sprays are both 'Charlie', the blue one is 'Into Glamour' and the pink is 'Pink' ... i don't really have a favourite body spray, i just buy them to freshen up. I never take my perfume out with me as it always ends up leaking!
  8. Finally some Nivea hand cream! I carry this with me just incase my hands feel dry and need some moisture :)
So there we have it, 'whats in my bag'... Hope you all enjoyed this, i actually enjoyed doing it myself!

Whats in your bag? xxxxxxxxxx


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