Thursday, 13 October 2011

Retro with the Velcro!

Hi guys! So I'm quite obsessed at the moment with S Walker Makeup ... This is a lovely girl called Sarah who blogs and does video tutorials via youtube. Iv never actually spoken to her but she seems lovely and is very pretty!

Anyway i was browsing her blog yesterday and saw her Hair Tutorial: Velcro Rollers ... I have loads of velcro rollers; big ones, little ones... you name it i have them! i used to experiment with these a few years back but to be honest i completely forgot i had them until i saw this post! I decided to get mine out and follow her tutorial! Heres a few pictures for you all... Please ignore my HUGE forehead, its one of my insecurity's but obviously i cannot make it smaller....

 After about 25 minutes the above is the result i got. Now if you go onto her blog and check out this fab tutorial, you will see Sarah's hair looks so so so much better! Mine did not take very well at all but thats partly due to my curling irons being old, and the fact that my hair is shorter with lots of layers which i hate! The only thing it did to my hair was make it really thick and volumised, with tiny waves!
I am having my hair cut on Friday, I'm going to have quite a bit cut off so that it can all be one length and to help it to grow, so once it has grown again i am defo going to be trying this and many more of her featured styles out!

How do you like to do your hair? xxxxxxx


  1. Your blog is amazing, going to follow you right now :)

  2. Aaaw thanks lovely!! I'll follow back tomorrow when I'm on the laptop :) xx

  3. Your hair looks cute, and I love the curls. Adds some gorgeous volume to it.x

  4. Thank you :) i wish it was longer then it would of took better! x

  5. Aww this is so sweet!!!

    It has made your hair look great and volumised :)

    Niki @ LQM&M

    (PS. I'm your newest follower!)

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  7. I love your blog :) Retro Rollers all the way!! hehe


I love reading all your comments, so keep them coming :) xx

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