Friday, 21 October 2011

MacBook Pro ... Heaven!

This is just a small post as I've finally got chance to show you a few pictures of my MacBook Pro that i had last month!
Im still getting used to it... i still don't know how to do certain things but i am slowly getting there!

This is my little piece of heaven! I love it so so much, and i would never ever go back to a normal laptop after using this. I don't have an iPhone so this MacBook Pro is the first thing I've actually had to experience how Apple works, and I'm just amazed; its so clever!

This is what i use for my blogging :) What do you use? xxxx


  1. I've got a macbook pro too :) Just like you I got mine about a month ago. It's crazy how quickly you love it even though it's so different to windows. xx

  2. saw tell me about it! Im still like omg how do i do this and that on it but i reckon id never go back to windows now! thanks for the follow on twitter too :) xx


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