Wednesday, 26 October 2011

JLS Radio Tour... Stoke!!

Yes thats right, JLS actually came to Stoke-on-Trent today!! Its that time of year again where they have released their tour details... tickets have been brought, and so next up was their Radio Tour! I couldn't believe it when i saw on their website that they were actually coming to our local radio station, Signal One (102.6fm) ... They arrived at 3pm, & after being stuck at home i got whisked down to the radio station to go and see! We stood around for a little bit with the crowd singing 'She makes me wanna oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh' ... Such good fun!! Then at 4.30pm the boys came out the play and oh what a pretty sight it was :D I was soooo happy! I love JLS so much, and i don't care that I'm almost 23, they're my guilty pleasure, i love them & their music!

Anyway i did a lot of screaming at Marvin cause he's my fav, but he was too busy with signing hats and t shirts for fans, so I managed to get Aston to give me his autograph!! I got lots of pictures... so here are a few of them:

So there we have it!! My two fav boys!! Didn't manage to get pics of the other two unfortunately but I'm still smiling!! Cant wait till March 2012 now as I'm going to see them in Manchester for their new tour! Eeeeeks xxxxxxxxxx

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